I'm not a GIMP developer, but I do have a GIMP
code question to ask.

I know a bit of C, but not enough to save my life.
(But willing to learn, of course.)

Since I'm having some printing issues with Gimp 2.4.5
on a Windows Vista machine, and seeing as there are
others who have the same problem (as per Bugzilla),
I thought I might try a go at figuring it out.

No, I haven't so far as I'm still trying to understand
both C and the Gimp code at the same time; however,
I did come across a part of the code from :


As shown below:

   static void
    print_size_info_get_page_dimensions (PrintSizeInfo *info,
                                      gdouble       *page_width,
                                      gdouble       *page_height,
                                      GtkUnit        unit)
   GtkPageSetup *setup;

   setup = gtk_print_operation_get_default_page_setup 

   if (info->data->use_full_page)
       *page_width = gtk_page_setup_get_paper_width (setup, unit);
       *page_height = gtk_page_setup_get_paper_height (setup, unit);
       *page_width = gtk_page_setup_get_page_width (setup, unit);
       *page_height = gtk_page_setup_get_page_height (setup, unit);


Can someone point out what's the point of this?  As far as
I know and see, regardless of whether info->data->use_full_page
is true or false, the *page_width and *page_height are set
to the same thing.  Am I wrong?  I see no difference in
the code of either conditions.  Could this be the reason
why all print sizes are ignored?

Currently, whatever is trying to be printed, a whole
page of only the top left part is printed.  I don't
know the precise size of the page, but it certainly
isn't what is intended.

Thanks for any clarifications/corrections.


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