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> I'd like ALL GIMP windows (typicaly one named "GIMP", window "Layers", 
> window "Brushes", window with edited images etc.) to be brought to the 
> front (of other non-GIMP windows), when an arbitrary of them is selected 
> (e.g. via Alt+Tab) or clicked on.

> As only MS Win user, I'm no judge of how other window managers work.
> In case of WinXP (and probably MS Win in general): All [parent 
> dependent] windows created with a special creation flag (maybe WS_CHILD 
> or WS_TOOLWINDOW window style in WinAPI, see e.g. MSDN for 
> CreateWindowEx() function) are automatically brought to the top. If they 
> don't have such creation flag, behaviour described above must be 
> implemented another way.

If you want to change the behaviour on Windows, then you should check how you 
can contribute to GTK+. This is where window-management related problems are 
supposed to be solved (for example, if the the "always on top" hint for docks 
would work, then one big problem would be solved already).

There shouldn't be no platform-dependent code in GIMP for this, after all this 
is what GTK+ is supposed to abstract away from applications.

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