On Sunday 08 June 2008 03:07:15 David Gowers wrote:
> >      * support a dynamic selection of arbitrary purely calculated axis
> > (random, iterator, sin, cos, sawtooth, box);
> A 'Dynamic selection'? what does this mean? Just that you are free to
> choose one of these?
In my vision you could choose arbitrary number of these including the same 
item twice and then apply different curves to both instances. I'm not 100% 
how that can be implemented tho.

> * If you treat random, etc as axis, you need to provide a method of
> scaling them, or can you guarantee that they all range 0 .. 1.0 ?
They would all have range of 0.0...1.0 just like random, velocity etc now in 

> I think sin and cos could be implemented as a subcase of 'custom': a
> custom curve input.
All these calculated axis would be a sort of custom. Allowing a free formula 
type is an option as well but It may be harder to implement.

> >      * be able to deliver constant distance and constant rate events
> You mean events at a constant distance spacing or a constant time spacing?
I mean both. The dream is that paincore would only need to worry about 
painting a stamp at a given event, the "where?" part is all handled by paint 
core. The distance in this case is the stamp spacing.

> Is there any other way that the 'Use color from gradient' or 'Fade'
> options could be replicated?

Replicated? It's paint cores job to provide these two features and any other 
numerically controlled options and possibly expose their control values for 
event mixed influence.

Theres a check grid now in SVN. In my vision in tool pane each option that 
supports it has a checkbox to turn dynamics on and off and a button to curves 
about that specific parameter. Additionally there are sliders for scaling the 
dynamics as a whole for quick adjustment. If you load a tool the changes made 
are forgotten. They are just adjustments to the current ie paintbrush, where 
as changes in curves create and "unsaved" tool that can be marked that way so 
the user knows that they need to save it either as a new tool or overwriting 
the parent.

-- Alexia

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