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> For that workflow, what would be even more useful is to be able to
> have a command that could do both: save the current .xcf (.gz or .bz2)
> AND, from the same menu item or keystroke, save a copy to a simpler
> format. Then you wouldn't have to go back and forth between Save and
> Save a Copy every time you make a change, and you wouldn't have to
> confirm the copy's filename every time you saved it.

Something like this has been brought up during the first usability meeting, 
where some of the boring tasks a user has to do have been identified.

> It would be great if it were possible to write a plug-in that would
> do that, even if gimp didn't include it natively. It would need to
> get the current filename (that's easy already, gimp-image-get-filename)
> and also what the last "save a copy" filename was (not so easy --
> I don't think there's an API to get that now, is there?)

For ages I've heard rumours about a feature that lets file save plug-ins pass a 
save operation throught to other save plug-ins. I'm not sure if this does 
exists, as I haven't seen any example yet (to be fair, I didn't search, 
either), but maybe this can be used here.

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