David Gowers wrote:
> Hi,
> GIMP does all the right things (and so, for example, it works as you'd
> expect on Linux).ERRR... Not on Linux. It is dependent on a VM. I tested 
> kwin, compiz and 
metacity, the three most common VMs on Linux today. Exactly *one* VM of 
those handles the hints as expected and that is metacity, the gnome VM. 
So basically its gnome users without any desktop effects that are seeing 
the change. Everybody else(including me, a KDE user) can suck it up 
until their VM supports the window hints as expected by GTK+/GIMP. Which 
with KDE 3.x not being developed any more and KDE 4.1 being too raw is 
an unknown time in the future for kwin.

-- Alexia

P.S No, I'm not whining, just correcting an inaccuracy.
P.S.S No, changing a DE is not a solution.
P.S.S.S Sorry David, I intended to send it to the list not just to you...
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