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> Just because it can be programmed and does a good job
> in a mail program or a zip tool, does not mean it is
> sound UI design for GIMP.

It does a good job in GIMP! Have you actually tried it? I have and it
makes some things a lot easier.

> As I outlined at the LGM: vertical space comes at a premium for

a) Todays screens are big enough
b) If the user doesn't want it, he can hide it with just two clicks
are disable it in the preferences and never see it again.
c) The current implementation can't be docked to the side, but there
is no reason why that couldn't be implemented

> Simply said: a toolbar like this does not fit the UI of GIMP.

Why do you want to make other peoples work in Gimp harder just because
you don't like it?

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