Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris wrote:
> Hi there -
> I am improving the "layer group" plug-in that hacks some layer group 
> functionality in GIMP. 
> You can have a version of it at [1] right now - but I am working on a 
> version featuring a dialog where one can trun the groups visible or 
> invisible with a single click. That will still work on teh same 
> image, but you can do image->duplicate if you need to see diferent 
> versions at once.

The problem with turning layers or layer groups on/off is the time required
to redraw the image.  Today's cameras have more and more pixels, hence
larger files.  A 100% quality jpeg of these files can be displayed in no
time, but it takes many seconds to redraw them in GIMP when (multiple)
layers have to be processed.

What I'm after is a fast-rendering, easy to use method of flipping through
"snapshots" of my workflow.  Shift-clicking on the eye-ball by each layer
comes close, but it is slowed by the processing required during rendering. 
My proposal is a way to get around that and speed things up for the user. 
The ideal experience for the user would be to be able to add a snapshot to
the snapshot list/window at any point after he has made some intermediate
edits on his image.  He could then continue his workflow, making more edits
and occasionally adding more snapshots to the snapshot list.  If he wants to
see the subtle effects of a step such as sharpening or dodging/burning, he
could click back and forth between "before" and "after" snapshots.  Having
them displayed directly on top of each other in the same zoomable,pan-able
window will allow him to more easily see these subtle effects than
displaying the two snapshots in separate image windows or even side-by-side
in the same window.

This is the approach taken in two RAW converter packages I've used
(RawTherapee and Sony IDC), and it helps greatly because the processing of
adjustments to a RAW file can take a great deal of time.  I think it has
direct application to GIMP because the refresh rate on large files is slowed
by layer calculations. 

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