saulgoode-2 wrote:
> I have written a Script-fu  
> (  
> which might be helpful.
> The script adds a "Snapshot Projection" command to the Image menu and  
> when executed, will add a layer to the image's "snapshot view" (which  
> is actually itself an image). If the snapshot image does not exist, it  
> is created.
> The layername generated for the added snapshot layer consists of: the  
> total number of layers in the image at the time of the snapshot  
> followed by a colon followed by a period separated list of the  
> positions of the visible layers (top-to-bottom, top being "0"). For  
> example, an image with four layers with the layer underneath the top  
> layer in the stack hidden would produce a snapshot layer named "4:0.2.3"
> Of course you are free to rename the snapshot layer to something more  
> informative should you wish.
> The script does not expand the snapshot image's canvas size; should  
> this be desired then perform a "Image->Fit Canvas To Layers" (or  
> modify the script to perform a 'gimp-image-resize-to-layers') on the  
> snapshot image.
> Each open image can have its own snapshot view. You can save the  
> snapshot image to a file, and even reload it later as long as you  
> don't rename it. If you close your original image and reload it, it  
> will NOT use the same snapshot image (a new one will be created). The  
> same is true if you duplicate your original image: a new snapshot view  
> will be created for the duplicate image.
> The script has not been rigorously tested but I did attempt to have it  
> return things to their original state.


I tried your script and it actually works very well!  I tried it on some 5MP
image files and the redraw rate was acceptable.  With larger files 10MP+,
I'm concerned that the redraw rate might be too slow using GIMP's current
process, but this is an assumption on my part based on the processing I
assume GIMP must do with layers.

What would it take to put any finishing touches on this script and
incorporate officially in a future release?  Also, would it be possible to
add an icon of a camera to the toolbox so that the user doesn't have to
access it through the menu structure (similar to Adobe Acrobat)?

..... Mark

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