On Fri, 2008-06-27 at 04:37 -0700, vabijou2 wrote:

> The problem with turning layers or layer groups on/off is the time required
> to redraw the image.  Today's cameras have more and more pixels, hence
> larger files.  A 100% quality jpeg of these files can be displayed in no
> time, but it takes many seconds to redraw them in GIMP when (multiple)
> layers have to be processed.

Then this is the problem that needs to be addressed instead of adding
yet another complex tool. The idea we are following to speed up these
things is to make GIMP work on a scaled-down version of your image for
preview. The actual full-scale image processing can then be done in the
background and there's no need for the user to wait for it to be
completed. This is a long-term goal of the GEGL integration. There's
still a lot to do, both in GEGL and in GIMP, before we are there. But I
think we should concentrate on that instead of following your proposal.


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