On Sun, Jul 06, 2008 at 09:54:50PM -0700, Bill Skaggs wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 6, 2008 at 9:41 PM, Rogier Wolff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > But then why, on a machine with 700Mb RAM, does EVERYTHING take
> > so very long? My image is "only 50Mpixel".

> The minimum memory usage for a 50 Mpixel RGBA image is 400 MB, and

Fine. So you're saying that gimp wastes a factor of two of
memory. Fine! probably neccesary for something. No problem with that.

> that's if you only have a single layer.  So given the amount of
> memory needed for other purposes in a modern operating system, it's
> likely that gimp is swapping very frequently.  700 MB is low to be
> running Gimp in the first place, and much more so if you're going to
> work with large images.  Gimp is going in directions that should
> eventually make it work better in this kind of scenario, but for now
> and the near future, the best advice is to get more RAM.

So.... What I started out saying is that my brain is not prepared to
look at those 50 megapixels at one time. My screen is only 1.3

So, I understand that loading the big image takes some time and
swapping. Then, moving the viewable window to the area I want to
change may cause some swapping. But from then on, things should be
working snappy. However everything I do takes lots of time.

Indeed for the short run, I could buy more memory. But this computer
does not earn me money doing GIMP. It's fine for all the other stuff
that I bought it for.

If I want I can probably use the machine with 8G at work for this. 

What apparently happens in the GIMP developper community is that
everyone buys loads of extra memory, and then the developpers don't
feel the pain of GIMP's inefficient use of memory. 

So, is the tiling very inefficient? Do the parameters differ
enormously from what I suggested? Does gimp reference the whole image
with every thing I do? If so, that would explain why I seem to need
the whole image in memory, while I'm only working on a small part.


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