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> Hi solar,
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>>> and is no longer required in today's
>>> world of fast CPUs with fast FSBs, large memory, and huge hard drives.
>> Easy on the sweeping assumptions here. Embedded systems are in  
>> exponential
>> growth right now and correspond in performance to what you are quickly
>> writing off as old and decrepid hardware that is best ignored.
>> Many embedded systems are reaching a power that allows them to be used  
>> for
>> image and even video (CCTV) applications. It's unlikely, though not
>> impossible, that you'd use such a system for GUI image manipulation but  
>> Gimp
>> could conceivably be useful here for batch processing images or other  
>> tasks.
>> Be careful not to assume all target systems are like your average  
>> desktop
>> PC.
> GIMP doesn't run on embedded systems AFAIK (mainly because of its
> minimum screen resolution requirements.)
> In any case, what you said above is true and unrelated.  GEGL seems a
> much better choice for batch manip generally, however even if you
> would use GIMP, nothing would force you to use high bitdepths..  GEGL
> allows you to make different versions of an operation for different
> data types / colorspaces, so you would perhaps need to make
> 8bit-optimized versions (more likely, GIMP would implement these
> itself already, since it's a common data type). The difference is that
> GIMP needn't make that assumption, and thus the overall application is
> more flexible, accommodating different color spaces and color depths
> in the one application transparently.
> In short: optimization reflects an underlying assumption, and the
> assumption that 8bit is the only efficient choice is no longer true,
> therefore the optimization of assuming 8bit is no longer appropriate.
> David

Hi, thanks for the reply.

IIRC the original comment here was about removal of a structure used for  
storing 8 bit colours. Maybe that structure should be maintained as a  
build option.

I agree about assumptions. My concern was that the assumption does not  

>> and is no longer required in today's
>> world of fast CPUs with fast FSBs, large memory, and huge hard drives.

today's world is much broader than intel based PCs.

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