I am currently learning esperanto, and I set GIMP language to
esperanto. Then, I noticed that there were several things
untranslated, which the po file did not even record the original
string for! (ie there is not even a 'msgid' showing the untranslated
For example
 * File->New ( the submenu New, not 'New...' which is correctly
translated as 'Nova'), along with some of its items.
 * Edit->Modules and Edit->Units
 * Filters->Decor ('Decor' remains untranslated, though its contents
are correctly translated)
 * 'Windows' menu and both of its submenus

These elements are untranslated in all languages due to this; none of
the po files cover any of the above, according to grep.

It looks to me like nobody remembered to update the .po files after
the menu reorganization. (or is the reorganization still ongoing?)
Is this an oversight or is it not the right time to do that yet?

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