is watercolor   (brush color blending mode) going to be avaiable  in
gimp's development version? I dont see why its not there,while it has
already been implemented back in 2.4 (Sakaguchi's work)

Do you have any idea how badly a graphic artist wants this to be
avaiable on linux? Havent you heard of applications such as sai paint
tool,nekopaint, or 4thpaint (all not working correctly in wine) ?

I would like to ask only two things:
1.is this going to be avaiable in some of the 2.5 releases, because if
it is,i'm gonna bug tests it
2.If not, is it possible for a patch (for gimp 2.5.x) to come out,or
some way to incorporate it into my gimp,because i want it very badly
from ages..maybe at gimp-files.org ??
I've been search for a way to get to this brush feature with pressure
sensitivity on linux for ages,i know lots of other people who do
too..this is as important as anything else i love gimp for
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