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> is watercolor   (brush color blending mode) going to be avaiable  in
> gimp's development version? I dont see why its not there,while it has
> already been implemented back in 2.4 (Sakaguchi's work)
Sakaguchi? Souichi Takashige is the guy AFAIK.

> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIg8Omew9Ps
> http://www.mail-archive.com/gimp-developer@lists.xcf.berkeley.edu/msg15250.html
> Do you have any idea how badly a graphic artist wants this to be
> avaiable on linux? Havent you heard of applications such as sai paint
> tool,nekopaint, or 4thpaint (all not working correctly in wine) ?
Rhetoric is counterproductive to getting anything implemented, as Bill
says. Work is relevant. Your work. If you want it, take responsibility
for making it happen.

> I would like to ask only two things:
> 1.is this going to be avaiable in some of the 2.5 releases, because if
> it is,i'm gonna bug tests it
No, it is not going to be available in 2.5, unless you fix the patch
or persuade Souichi Takashige to do so.
The patch required a lot of tweaking to apply successfully, and must
now account for Alexia Death's new brush dynamics system.
Nobody ever updated it, probably because it was so hard to patch
initially that virtually no-one actually got to try it out.

> 2.If not, is it possible for a patch (for gimp 2.5.x) to come out,or
> some way to incorporate it into my gimp,because i want it very badly
> from ages..maybe at gimp-files.org ??
As above, yes if you or Souichi Takashige do it, otherwise no.

> I've been search for a way to get to this brush feature with pressure
> sensitivity on linux for ages,i know lots of other people who do
> too..this is as important as anything else i love gimp for

Importance is a personal thing and GIMP is short on developers, so,
getting any given feature implemented depends mainly on a person
considering it important enough to do the work necessary to implement
it properly.

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