>> 1.is this going to be avaiable in some of the 2.5 releases, because if
>> it is,i'm gonna bug tests it
> No, it is not going to be available in 2.5, unless you fix the patch
> or persuade Souichi Takashige to do so.

Sorry, I'm currently working on another program, so I have not
maintained the patch any longer.

GIMP will be fully non-destructive editor in the future, but I think
that is not a good news for users who use GIMP as a painting tool.
Non-destructive editing is convenient in some situations, but a lot of
brush painting processes don't need to be non-destructive, and making
all of them non-destructive is a waste of time and resources.

GEGL and GIMP are great work of cource, it is very powerful photo
retouching tool. But it's not good for painting images from scratch
since it lacks a lot of features specialized for painters (like view
rotation and flipping.)

I think being general purpose program is a waste of time: code size
will grow constantly and the architecture will be more and more
complex. No one can maintain it. So GIMP should focus on the photo
retouching, and other programs like Artweaver, Gogh, and MyPaint
should focus on painting features.

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