On Tue, Aug 5, 2008 at 11:10 AM,
> In my opinion, a better solution to the "copy visible to new layer"
> functionality would be to add an option to Merge Visible Layers which
> would retain the original visible layers. This approach would seem
> more intuitive and would not entail an additional menu command. It
> would also be more flexible because the newly created layer wouldn't
> need to be the image size (the user would have available the
> expansion/clipping options of Merge Visible).

I do miss 'Apply Image', which allows you to either:

1. Apply any RGB/CMYK/spot channel or all RGB/CMYK channels from one
image to another (if they are the same size) using any of the blending
modes available (multiply, screen, etc).  Selections remain active
during the procedure.

2. Apply any channel to any other channel within the image using
available blending modes. Selections remain active.

It's a nice feature that opens up a lot of possibilities, esp if you
are working with spot channels.

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