>In my opinion, a better solution to the "copy visible to new layer" 
>functionality would be to add an option to Merge Visible Layers which 
>would retain the original visible layers. This approach would seem 
>more intuitive and would not entail an additional menu command. It 
>would also be more flexible because the newly created layer wouldn't 
>need to be the image size (the user would have available the 
>expansion/clipping options of Merge Visible).

seems a good alternative

 my main objection on this alternative is that is not ready but a project to be 
realized in a future and that will require some developer offering his time to 
realize it,maybe subtracting that time to more relevant task.
while the script is ready and was already tested by many

>This approach would seem 

>more intuitive and would not entail an additional menu command.

Not sure if that will be a advantage the addition of new option there may be 
easy overlooked while a menu command as "copy visible and add as new layer" is 
so clear that i believe can't be misunderstood

Avoid to overcrowd the menu is good but i see this as a basic feature that many 
may search ,if so may be better clearly labeled in the place where most likely 
will be searched 
as in the Edit menu,after "copy" and "copy the visible"

( Nevertheless a extra option for merge layer.should not harm .but again will 
be a work to be done by someone in a future ,while the script-fu  is ready)

About add border i never noticed a 3d effect or others that are not present 
also in the alternate version.but i will check better

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