On Wed, 2008-08-06 at 11:31 -0700, vabijou2 wrote:
> I like this idea.  I would use it frequently.  In fact, I would suggest
> calling it "Duplicate Visible" in the menu, and also adding it to the
> buttons at the bottom of the layers dialog with a description of "Duplicate
> visible layers as single new layer" on mouse-over.

It would be easy to add this. I would even add it as a core function,
not as a script, as it is much easier to implement in the core.

I am not sure about the name though. "Duplicate Visible" doesn't quite
hit it. Perhaps someone has a better idea?

>   As far as real estate on
> the bottom of the layers dialog goes, I would eliminate the raise/lower
> layer buttons .... I don't ever use them since it is easier to drag the
> layer itself to the new location than to select the layer with one mouse
> click and then find and click on the raise/lower button.

I often use the up/down buttons. Clicking a button is much easier than
doing drag and drop. We would need to do some user observations to
decide this. Without such data I'd vote for keeping the buttons.


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