Martin Nordholts writes:
> Hi
> There is a little button in the upper right corner of each image window
> with the tooltip "Zoom image when window size changes".
> I have never used this and I can't figure out in what way it is useful.

It's useful in that it lets you scale the window exactly as big
as you want -- you're not limited to 25%, 33%, 50%, 100% etc.

That said ...

> Does anyone ever use it?

I don't (partly because I always forget it's there). I set the
"Resize on zoom" preference, and usually scale with the +/-/1 keys.

> I suggest we replace it with a shortcut to the "Resize window on zoom"
> option which I find much more useful.
> Does anyone have any objections to this? Should some completely other
> feature be accessible through that button?

It seems odd to devote space to toggling a preference like that
... in theory, the current functionality seems more useful since
it lets you do something that isn't otherwise possible. But as
I said, I don't actually use it very often in practice. And it's
not very discoverable. I didn't know from the tooltip what it would
do and only found out by experimentation. It might be clearer if
the tooltip added a few words, e.g. "Zoom image to fit window
when window size changes" or "Zoom image proportionally when window
size changes".

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