i believe very hard to find a good reason to switch off visibility of a layer 
in order to edit it, 

For that other sw lock invisible layers in order to avoid them edited by mistake

i do not think a similar lock will be good in gimp ,this for several reasons 
,(one is that i suppose  such lock may  create problem to scripts and plugins )

But a warning as " the layer you want edit is invisible, you may want switch on 
its visibility before editing" may be quite helpful to improve gimp usability.

Editing the wrong layer is a quite commune mistake (sometimes still happen to 
me after years that i use gimp)

Sure such warning will not completely solve (will not prevent to confuse the 
"visible" with the active layer) 

but i, i believe, will help a lot...because if somebody try to edit with brush 
tools or filters or colors tools a  invisible layer is at 99.9%  for  mistake

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