Hi all,

I was wondering if there is any way that a plugin could be written for eclipse 
that would integrate
GIMP into the Eclipse environment?  Immediately I'm thinking of the platform 
differences that might
make this difficult to abstract, but perhaps starting with Gnome is possible?

I've been thinking about making this my first attempt at making an Eclipse 
plugin, and I'm not
really sure where to start, (or if it's even a feasible thing to attempt), so 
here I am throwing
myself to the lions:)

Any opinions?  Mostly the goals would be to bring GIMP to the PDT project in 
the end, perhaps.  I've
noticed GIMP becoming more and more a part of my development process and it 
would be awesome to have
it integrated into Eclipse with window management as tabs, and dockable 
toolbars, etc...

I'm sure this isn't exactly easy, but it has to be possible right;)

Thanks for any info,


Milw, WI.

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