IN RESPONSE to "Photoshop like" idea :

"... it should not look like Photoshop" -> SHOULD NEVER LOOK LIKE  Photoshop
- because Photoshop even with the new UI additions on CS3 look horrible -
GUI for *Smurfs*.

I see noone talk here about Corel Draw or Corel Photopaint GUI. For a new
user, from the second 2 or 3 - it become clear who, why, when, where and how
( ...the last is a joke - "how" become clear after some mounts ot years
depend on client material ;) ).

In fact Corel GUI  should give the base idea not PhotoShop ( in case if
someone should give an ideea ) - I remember my first days on Corel, I was
able to create my workspaces - with my floating or docked toolbars - with my
prefered buttons - with my icons ( yep you can edit icons for buttons ), and
to customize 500% more options than Photoshop. Then I ask myself ( for the
first time - what is so great about Photoshop ?? [v.5 I think...]).

Enfin, Ek kian - GIMP had a GUI Team now. Professionals. They work on GUI
specs for the new GIMP and finally, I think the GIMP GUI will be OK anyway -
with or without our opinions.

If you go to you will see - before you
- some 1000 other guys think /  talk about exactly the same things. Ro be
clean -  exactly the same things. But their  list is open and is never

THERE on  this discussion should take place - not HERE.

Therefore I am designer too ( with some GUI Design knowledge - I won my
money from such kind of things) - so I have 1507 or 1509 ideas right now -
just try to imagine I'll post all 1507 or 1509 mails to THIS mailing list.
The list wil become "the SorinN's list" ( they will do a sucesfull movie
after few years [ 50 to be precise and ...damn I  like that dream.. ] ). And
GIMP will become ...maybe a simple text editor, even without syntax checker
because the mailing list go in Abstract, unified with The Force... and all
peoples, actors, singers, developers, detectives, criminals, etc - will
loose any interest on GIMP development ( because of my GUI novels with much
more eyeappeal than the boring  if / else / while / for statements ).

I hope you got the point - because I have to go to work.
See ya later - on

2008/8/27 Ek kian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> I agree with you, Alexia.
> maybe we can also look at Macromedia user interface, such as: Flash,
> Fireworks or Dreamweaver UI, their UI is different from Photoshop but still
> easy to learn, simple to manage, and extensible. Even i think Macromedia
> have better UI than Adobe.
> this is my suggestions for new GIMP default layout, i don't go to specific
> layout but i only have few things that imo need to give more attentions:
> - Big Workspace
> Graphics artist need a Big Workspace, just imagine our monitor as the
> canvas then users will want it all screen area is available as work area if
> possible so imo toolbox should be as small as possible and tool options
> should be able to hide and show using one-click or one-shortcut.
> - Workspace layout dialog
> Workspace layout with keyboards shortcut also can be saved and load with
> simple dialog with some presets (ready to use layout or default layout), so
> artist only need to setup the workspace and shortcuts that he comfortable
> and can bring that settings to other computer easily. Default layout is
> useful for education process which need consistent UI that will make easier
> to remember for the first time learner and if accidentally changed by user,
> we can easily put it back to the default layout.
> - Workflows.
> This is one thing that almost invisible on the programs UI, but if we
> carefully look at programs with great UI that surely for every aspect of the
> UI is tweaked to produce faster step to be done for all common workflows for
> every users. Common workflows only can be asked to the users that using the
> programs a lot and this users usually use it for their daily professional
> jobs, for example: photographer, they have "photo post-processing or raw
> workflow", web designer, they have "web layouting and slicing workflow",
> design graphic, they have "color preparation and color separation workflow",
> and many more others.
> So every single UI elements such as icon, menu, shortcuts, etc is tweaked
> to improve how faster the workflows can be done, for example: if user doing
> selection then usually there is couple operation that follow that selection
> process so after the selection finish the mouse cursor change to move mode
> and right-click menu will show operation such as: cut, copy, delete or move.
> This need context menu feature, menu that can be changed based on activated
> tool.
> regards,
> ek kian
> On Sun, Aug 24, 2008 at 3:00 AM, Alexia Death <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>wrote:
>> On Saturday 23 August 2008 22:51:51 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> > that's the second time you propose "familiarity" for a first time user.
>> > How can a first time user be familiar with anything? Or is this another
>> > "Gimp should look and behave like Photoshop" proposal?
>> No it should not look like Photoshop. First time user is just as likely to
>> be
>> unfamiliar with Photoshop as Gimp. What it wuld not hurt to look like a
>> bit is
>> Inkscape and yes, im horrified to say, MS Paint. Both have similar
>> toolboxes.
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