Hello all:

Maybe I am stupid, but I have looked all over the web for a code 
snippet/script/howto which would be easy to adapt to allow me take an image 
(any standard format) as input and resizing it using, say, the gegl cubic 
sampler, and saving the output image in some generally readable format.

I understand that gegl is not meant to be particularly script friendly, but not 
finding anything on the web (the examples found on the gegl web site are 
helpful, but not enough)
is quite surprising to me.

Any pointer?

(What I want to do: replace the innards of the gegl cubic resampler with 
something the code for the simplest coconvex resampler, recompile, and see if I 
like the results. I have already written the suitable coconvex resampler code 
based on the current gegl cubic resampler one.)

I am finding getting gegl to do what I want much harder than understanding its 
source code!

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