On Thu, 2008-09-11 at 10:36 -0400, Liam R E Quin wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-09-11 at 08:42 +0200, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > http://gimp.org/release-notes/gimp-2.5.html mentions quite explicitly
> > that this is not going to work. /usr/local is not a separate
> > installation prefix.
> I use a shell script wrapper to start GIMP that sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH
> and PATH, and it has always worked fine for me in /usr/local.

Sure, I also do have gimp-2.5 installed in /usr/local and gimp-2.4
in /usr. Depending on how your system is set up, this may work, or not.
But since it is way too difficult and confusing to explain all the
details, the safe advice is to use a completely different prefix.


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