I have forked the GIMP FX Foundry project for 2.6 in SVN and am currently in 
process of making sure that presently included scripts work and that use of 
deprecated functions is corrected.

SVN versions of the 2.6 "stable" scripts can be checked out with following 
svn co https://gimpfx-foundry.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/gimpfx-
foundry/gimp-2.6/stable gimpfx-foundry-2.6

I'm announcing it on this list because here it is most likely to find people 
interested in testing and using the script set Foundry provides. All bugs can 
be either reported on sourceforge bug tracker or directly to me. 

The bug tracker can be found here: 

I'm also open for suggestions on what else to include and how to improve the 
Foundry. If you know of a script on the registry or elsewhere that you think 
is of generic interest and may not be actively maintained, please let me know.

-- Alexia

PS: Please note that there is not link between GIMP project and the FX Foundry 
project except functional. No further FX Foundry discussion should happen on 
this list. Please talk to me directly or take it to SF forums here: 
Gimp-developer mailing list

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