> Von: Liam R E Quin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> There's a lot of bad tutorials out there.  Some of them
> are on the gimp.org site, some are on gumpusers.com, etc...

> (2) at each step it shows
>     2a. a screenshot of the image
>     2b. any necessary dialogue boxes with settings you must enter
>     2c. the layers dialogue, or anything else that will help the
>         user know they did the earlier steps correctly
>     2d. guidance for what to do if you went wrong.

Each step should also have a short summary at the beginning - this way we do 
not force advanced users to go through all the sub-steps if the do exactly know 
what to do.
> (3) everything you must do is explicitly mentioned, including
>     "select none", "create new layer", "select a layer again
>     after saving the selection to a channel", "choose the brush tool".

Links to the user manual should be included, too. 

> (5) should be under the GNU Free Documentation License.

Is the GFDL really a suitable license for tutorials? I think that we should at 
löeast disallow invariant sections.

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