There have been on the list a few propostions for splash screens. 

It is a quite hard decision to pick one above others. It is allright if one is 
quietly picked up, or developed under request by one of the long time 

However since we alrady have more than one proposal, and from project 
contributors, maybe tehre should eb a more formal process for choosing a 
splash screen?

For Gimp 2.2 we made a widerepad contest, havign to select from hundreds of 
entries.  Maybe this time we could just formalize a deadline, and having some 
people to pick one from the presented entries - but without making the 
widespread advertisement. 

I do volunteer for helping picking the best one, but I am ok if we just have a 
date and a single person picks one and commit it. 

I just don't think we will have the best choice if people sparsely send their 
entries to this list, and whoever feels compeled enough comment on it. There 
is the matter of having to publicly express teh motives why one feels or 
thinks an entry should not qualify (like I just did) - and that is annoying 
both for the proponent and for the one who comments negatively on the 

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