Samuel wrote:
> the GIMP Script-Fu engine doesn't make a difference between registered
> definitions and local ones.
> It would be nice if GIMP could prefer local definitions to global ones
> or if just registered definitions would go global.

A define placed inside another define can only be used locally by code in the 
enclosing define.

What you are probably referring to is how a define that is global to code in 
one file can conflict with a define in another file if the names are the same. 
  This is due to all script files are read in to a single block of memory used 
by the interpreter.

To avoid the problem, nest defines when you don't need something to be 
accessible from in another define in a given file. If a define (ie. function) 
needs to be global so it can be access in multiple define blocks in a file, 
avoid using generic names that someone else might have used in another file. 
One way to avoid name collision is the prepending of your initials to your own 


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