On Fri, Sep 26, 2008 at 09:50:01PM +0300, Cristian Secar?? wrote:
> I have this string in the .pot file:
> Add Sample Point
> Some other translations use this:
> (fr)
> Ajouter un point d'├ęchantillonnage
> (it)
> Aggiungi punto di campionamento
> Not 100% sure, but it appears that these translations correspond to
> what in English would be ???Add Sampling Point???.
> Because I don't know where this string is in practice, my question is
> who's right, I mean I like to know what is the right version I should
> follow for my translation (Romanian).

English is a language which is often mangled by its users. Although I
do not know where the phrase appears in the gimp, I would guess that
"sampling point" is more nearly correct, presuming that it is a point
which is being sampled, rather than a point randomly picked from a
collection of points and offered up as an indication of what the
points generally look like, which is what "sample point" would mean.

Perhaps someday a "correct_english.pot" could be prepared.... Good
luck in your endeavours!

scott swanson
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