jude ui wrote:
> Thanks! however I don't  like the fact that way GTK+ can be pretty
> slow for interfaces - to be honest I want to build applications based
> on the *enlightenment foundation libaries *to draw the eyecandy and
> what not- and use gtk as an extention to EFL (the same for qt)

With "slow", are you refering to development time or runtime
performance? If you mean runtime performance, what benchmarks are you
basing your claim on? In any case, most of the execution time will not
be spent in the UI-code for an image editor.

If you want to replace the UI code for GIMP, the first step would be to
submit patches and help separate application logic from UI logic. If the
patches are of high quality it should not be any problems with
integrating the in the main tree, becuse such patches would improve the
overall code quality. I'm thinking that once the UI code is completely
separate from the application logic, it shouldn't be hard (only boring
and time consuming) to write the UI code using a different library.


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