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> On Sat, Sep 27, 2008 at 6:16 PM, Samuel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Another question from me:
>> When I write a plugin, my text editor (kwrite or kate) creates a backup
>> file named plugin.py~. When I start now the plugin in GIMP, it is
>> executing the backup instead the original.
> Hi,
> I think you should file a bug against kwrite and kate - while it's a
> good idea to create backup files, I see no reason why they should have
> the execute bit turned on (even if the file you are editing is
> executable).
> Chris

I can see arguements for and against but that is irrelevant on this list.

What would appear to be gimp related here is that it is executing a file  
ending in .py~ , maybe file name is irrelevant.

What is the mechanism for gimp ? Does it execute everything in the plugin  
directory? (I would see this as valid approach on cross platform software  
since the idea of dots and "file extensions" has no meaing on linux/unix  
and should remain so).

If that is the case, the correct solution is not to dump your backup files  
in the gimp pluging dir. The best solution probably being to disable dumb  
microsoft style automatic backups and backup your work as needed. Both the  
editors mentioned allow you to disactivate auto backups.

Auto backups are overwritten every time you save so in reality they are  
virtually useless. There's much more chance over recovering from an error  
with cntl-z

The sooner linux world stops trying to ape windows the better.

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