On Sunday 28 September 2008 21:01:16 Guillermo Espertino wrote:
> Probably this should be discussed a little bit more. There's a
> particular situation where having an opaque original makes very hard to
> use a transform tool...
My personal annoyance with this occurs when I float a  bit of a mostly 
transparent layer to adjust it that does not vary much in color and try to 
make it smaller. It can become VERY difficult to see where you are with your 
transform at any given moment very quick.  Sample. Make a blue blot, not 
uniform in shape. Select and float it. Now make it smaller so it is placed in a 
manner you like that may be dependent on the layer below or rest of the image. 
You wont even see the borders of your preview because they are the same color.

> If it's possible to directly hide the original, I'd prefer that option
> until the GEGL porting of the display code is ready, even knowing that
> the transformation proxy isn't very accurate.
> I'd like to know how other users feel about this.
I personally am in favor of this. It would make using transform tools both 
easier and more intuitive.

-- Alexia
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