Hello all:

I submitted what is probably the last yafr patch for a while. (Unless
I figure out how to use Geert's patch to do more careful boundary
conditions and compute pixel values past the abyss boundary, which is
documented through a #define in the code.)

I really believe that this is without question the best overall
(interpolatory) sampler currently running under gegl (and ImageMagick
for this matter).  

Give it a try.

The scheme is quite different from the one currently in the svn, which
had an early "diagonal" version (the current version uses horizontal
and vertical differences).

You can find the patch file at


There are suggestions in the source code to test it and compare it to
the other schemes from the gegl command. You may also find a
replacement gegl/gegl/docs/gallery at the following location, which
uses, with permission to use for research purposes, the great test
images shown of


The alternative gallery.tgz, which you untar then recompile if you
replace the current one with it, is found here:


It will produce a web page at that location which includes timings as
well as clickable thumbnails (just like the original gallery did).

To the main developers:

Thank you for your patience, and apologies the high bandwidth.

Nicolas Robidoux
Laurentian University/Universite Laurentienne
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