I've just been playing a bit with 2.6, and have a request.

When the last image is closed, the no-image-open window snaps back to 
whatever size it was before the first image was opened - which is great. 
    Could we take that further and make it snap back to its previous 
position, as well as size?

I like to have GIMP open in between editing, with the toolbox and dock 
full of dialogs on the right-hand-side of the screen in a neat column - 
this leaves plenty of screen usable for browsing images, and leaves GIMP 
accessible for dragging-and-dropping images.

As it stands, with 2.6 I either have to have the no-image-open window 
cluttering the main part of the screen, or I can tuck it neatly out of 
the way with the toolboxes - but if I do that, I have to drag it 
manually back into the main part of the screen when I open an image, and 
put it away again afterwards.  Assuming it's not possible to turn this 
no-image-open window off altogether (it's not, right?) I'd like the 
window to be able to switch between those two positions automatically as 
the first image is opened and the last image is closed.

All the best,
Alastair M. Robinson
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