Sven Neumann wrote:
>> * Making the toolbox (and the rest of the interface?) color neutral [1],
>> probably through a color neutral theme
> That is the job for an artist, not a developer. You should try to get
> Jimmac into the boat.

It would of course be nice if the whole icon set was adapted by an
artist to look good when color neutral, but I don't really see anyone
doing that very soon. There are two approaches that I think will
possible to get into 2.8 and they both somewhat involve programming:

1. Run the existing theme image elements through ImageMagick and make
them all greyscale, then compose the color neutral theme from that.

2. Support color neutrality for all themes, i.e. programatically make
icons color neutral and perhaps only color them when they are being
hovered by the mouse cursor.

If either of those will look good enough for being promoted to an
official stable release is another thing, but perhaps the initial effort
will attract graphical artists to help out.

>> * Getting rid of the GimpDockSeparator's in docks and only show a
>> counterpart to them when a user is in the process of docking a Dialog.
> I don't understand this. What's wrong about the seperators?

The separators occupy horizontal space even when they are not used. They
(or rather, their counterparts) only needs to be shown on a
GtkWidget::drag-begin and they can be hidden on the corresponding
GtkWidget::drag-end. My current thinking is to add a


that would show/hide the separators in self-contained popup windows over
each dock, probably taken care of by a manager of some kind. I believe
the best approach would be to have one overlay window for each dock, and
paint/highlight dockable areas on an otherwise completely transparent
window, but I'm not sure GTK+ supports that for all platforms/window
managers well enough.

>> This is IMO a prerequisite for:
>> * Supporting one-window layouts by allowing to dock the toolbox and
>> dialogs to image windows/the empty image window [1]
> IMO the most important prerequisite for this is the introduction of tabs
> into the image window. I would very much like to see the possibility of
> having multiple images open in a tabbed image window.

A tab interface would certainly make a single-window layout even nicer,
but just being able to dock things at all to image windows would IMO be
useful enough, and I don't like the idea of having GimpDockSeparators
always visible in the image windows. So I still believe that getting rid
of the GimpDockSeparators is more important than a tab-interface.

- Martin
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