I am running GIMP-2.6 on Slackware 12.1 and encountered a problem with  
the default shortcut key assignments for "Decrease Value 2 more" and  
"Increase Value 2 more". The preferences dialog says that those to  
functions are assigned to "shift + [" and "shift + ]" respectively but  
with my setup these defaults did not work. However, after I reassigned  
the functions to "{" and "}", things behaved as I would have expected.

This problem was brought to my attention by a Windows XP user who  
experienced the same problematic default behavior.

If it would not cause grief for users on other systems, I would  
propose changing the default assignments for these two functions (in  
app/actions/tools-actions.c) from "<shift>bracketleft" to "braceleft";  
and from "<shift>bracketright" to "braceright".

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