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First off, just to be clear, what OS are you on?  The vast majority of gimp 
users are Linux/some-form-of-UNIX users, so that tends to be what we (or, at 
least, I) assume.  The issues you're facing sound like you might be using a 
less-tested configuration, though.

> Locate Center Point:  Reviewing a 22MP image a 100% means navigating an 
> image with an equivalent size of several feet.  What would be nice is 
> some way to mark the exact center of the image, where the central AF 
> point fell, so that it can be quickly navigated to at 100%.
Click and drag on the "move" icon in the lower-right corner of the image window.

> Scale to File Size:  Many stock sites require an image to be upsized.  
> For example Alamy requires an uncompressed file size of 48megs from a 
> file saved as a 8bit .JPG.  It would be useful to be able to set in an 
> uncompressed file size and have the GIMP resize to be exactly that size.
This seems incredibly silly and naive.  First of, as JPEG is a lossless format, 
different images will end up at different pixel sizes to reach the same file 
size.  I mean, if you've got a low-key image that's predominantly black (or 
other image that JPEG works well on), you'd have to make the thing enormous to 
hit that.  Secondly, upsampling the image doesn't increase the amount of 
information in the image, so you're essentially just wasting disk space for no 
gain.  If there were a minimum pixel size, I could see upsampling the image to 
meet that.  A minimum file size, though? No way.

Are you sure they want you to upsample the image to meet the file size 
requirement?  Are you sure it's not just the case that they want images from a 
medium-format digital back or something like that?


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