PNG-s support offset for whatever renders them in the file format. However, the 
way GIMP handles the offset is less than optimal. I've included a sample image 
for anybody interested to see for themselves. 

So whats the issue? The file is loaded with the layer offset on canvas. That is 
not productive if the person has opened the image to EDIT it. You need to 
correct the offset first, then edit.  Then you need to somehow restore your 
offset and save remembering to check the "Save layer offset" check box. If you 
forgot and closed GIMP before noticing this you end up with a broken and 
ruined image and lost work. This is not good.

My suggestion is as follows:
a) do not apply the th offset to the layer. 
b) save offsets from load time
c) add numeric entry boxes to the save dialog and fill them with load time 
offset values.

This lets the person open edit and save the particular kind of PNG-s without 
any extra hassle and loss of productivity. 

-- Alexia
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