I was confused why the "Factory defaults" button from
Image -> Filters -> Distorts -> Newsprint
only defaults just a few settings there, until I found a snapshot at
this address
which explained to me the mistery: the Factory defaults only refers to
what is inside the "Screen" delimitation frame, not the settings in the
whole preference window.

On my system that delimitation is visually missing – this is what I am
seeing on my system
(although I am on Windows XP, I have set the Emacs theme for GIMP in
order to resemble with the snapshot from the linuxtopia site)

Is this a Win32 port problem (GTK+ perhaps), or a global problem ?
And even so, the "Factory defaults" does not affect the Black pullout
cursor, which can be considered as belonging to the "Screen" category,
the one that can be defaulted.

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