Hi, I would like to request to some developer (web team) to include this 
printed softcover edition of the GIMP Manual which we published some weeks ago, 
under the BOOK section of www.gimp.org

It's available through Amazon and we will DONATE 10% of all net revenues to 

The Book details (cover images available on both websites mentioned below):

Title: GIMP - The official Manual
Author: Susan A. Jones
Format: Paperback, 718p.
ISBN-10: 1440427062
ISBN-13: 978-1440427060
Publisher/Date: CreateSpace September 2008
Website: http://gimpmanual.weebly.com
Website: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1440427062

Product Description
GIMP Users Manual. 718-pages paperback-book edition. The HOW TO to Photo 
Retouching, Image Composition and Image Authoring The ultimate Users Manual for 
GIMP, the freely distributed IMAGE SOFTWARE. "GIMP" stands for "GNU Image 
Manipulation Program". GIMP is a free Photo and image Software for Photo 
Retouching, Image Composition and Image Authoring. This complete Users Manual 
will help you to learn the program and to work with all of it's functions. The 
"HOW TO" to Photo Retouching, Image Composition and Image Authoring. The 
ultimate "HOW TO GIMP" manual.
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