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On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 08:29:41AM +0200, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > Yes, it is a pdf formatted version of http://docs.gimp.org .
I wonder what you did? The PDF versions we published on
http://docs.gimp.org were still considered as work-in-progress.
Additionally they are very much outdated.

> > We formatted the gnu-labeled PDF version for book printing and
> > designed this cover.  All pages are completed including all gnu
> > informations.
> > 
> > GNU Image Manipulation Program
> > December 2, 2007
> > $Revision: 2129 $ 2007-07-15 romanofski
> It's a somewhat unprofessional approach to print and sell the user
> manual without getting in contact with the authors beforehand, isn't it?
> And then you put "Susan A. Jones" as the author. Who is that? I don't
> remember having seen that name among the contributors to the GIMP user
> manual.
I have to agree with Sven here. The manual was written by a lot of
authors and people who spend their free time on the manual.

I can't remember that you gave either me or someone else of the
documentation team a note that you published the book. It would have
been much better to post a mail to the docs mailing list:


Roman Joost
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