> Subject: Re: [Gimp-developer] Request to include Gimp Manual Book at  
> Gimp.org books (Gimp merchandise)
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> Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 08:29:41 +0200
> Hi,
> On Wed, 2008-10-22 at 01:45 -0300, Monica Kraenzle wrote:
>> Yes, it is a pdf formatted version of http://docs.gimp.org .
>> We formatted the gnu-labeled PDF version for book printing and designed this 
>> cover.
>> All pages are completed including all gnu informations.
>> GNU Image Manipulation Program
>> December 2, 2007
>> $Revision: 2129 $ 2007-07-15 romanofski
> It's a somewhat unprofessional approach to print and sell the user
> manual without getting in contact with the authors beforehand, isn't it?
> And then you put "Susan A. Jones" as the author. Who is that? I don't
> remember having seen that name among the contributors to the GIMP user
> manual.
>> Could you help to get this up on the book page?
> I don't think we want to advertize an outdated copy of the user manual.
> Definitely not without approval from the GIMP docs team. So please ask
> them first.
> Sven

Hi Sven,

It was the most recent pdf document we could find although I would be more 
happy to find a more up-to-date  pdf version, but I doubt that there are 
updated good resolution pdf docs somewhere.

Regarding your comments:

Did I missed something about GNU? 
I studied the gimp website, all GNU licences written in the manual, the GNU 
site etc.
We included all pages of the manual within the book, including all GNU 
infomations, all author names etc. plus the informations that there is an 
updated html onlie manual available at gimp.org

I did not see any hint anywhere that we have to ask for approval of a Gimp doc 
team and just found out how to contact gimp developers to ask for adding the 

I don't want to be offensive but is Gimp and the Gimp manual GNU or not?

Although I noticed later on that somewhere it's written somewhere that the gimp 
doc team could be contacted to ask if there is any updated version.

As a publishing company has to mention one main author we used "Susan A. Jones" 
as a editor pen name of the book. Technically there is no way to use 20 or what 
authors as authors when you publish a book. But all authors are credited in the 
book pages itself.

You do promote 9 year old books on your website, so your comments sounds a bit 

Besten Gruss,

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