Hi Monica,

> Did I missed something about GNU? 
> I studied the gimp website, all GNU licences written in the manual,
> the GNU site etc.  We included all pages of the manual within the
> book, including all GNU infomations, all author names etc. plus the
> informations that there is an updated html onlie manual available at
> gimp.org
> I did not see any hint anywhere that we have to ask for approval of a
> Gimp doc team and just found out how to contact gimp developers to ask
> for adding the book.
There is actually nothing illegal printing and selling the copies of the
PDF version. Although it's not best practice. PDF versions published on
docs.gimp.org are not final versions, they're 'snapshot' versions
meaning that they include all small an major glitches (spelling errors,
layout problems, etc). 

So with all the glitches in the PDF version and including that it's
outdated, I don't think your customers will be satisfied all in all.
That could also mean that people think, we as in the contributors to the
manual, published our manual on our own through you, which is not the

> I don't want to be offensive but is Gimp and the Gimp manual GNU or
> not?
It is GNU. The manual is not published under GPL it is published under

> Although I noticed later on that somewhere it's written somewhere that
> the gimp doc team could be contacted to ask if there is any updated
> version.

> As a publishing company has to mention one main author we used "Susan
> A. Jones" as a editor pen name of the book. Technically there is no
> way to use 20 or what authors as authors when you publish a book. But
> all authors are credited in the book pages itself.
I do think that is possible ... at least technically.

So finally - you can publish the PDF versions of the manual whereever
you want to as long as you stick to the license (naming Susan A. Jones
as an editor violates the license probably.). But by publishing it
without asking you can't expecting any help from us.

Roman Joost
www: http://www.romanofski.de

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