Hi Roman, Hi Sven.

Let me first say thank you for being so kind to be so offensive when somebody 
is contacting you.

As a result we just received a "customers review" not from a customer but from 
some member of this great group, calling himself "Olivier Lecarme's".
He posted a 1-star-rating:
"This is not offiicial at all!,
As said by the GIMP chief developer: "It's a somewhat unprofessional approach 
to print and sell the user manual without getting in contact with the authors 
beforehand, isn't it? And then you put "Susan A. Jones" as the author. Who is 
that? I don't remember having seen that name among the contributors to the GIMP 
This book prints a manual considered by its authors as not yet publishable, and 
completely obsolete with regards to the current version of GIMP. 
Don't buy it!"

Many thanks!

We simply printed a complete officially to the public released manual which do 
include a full GNU license to freely distribute this document under GNU terms - 
and we correctly printed the names of all authors and contributors in the 
printed book. We fully complied with the GNU license terms which you gave away 
with releasing this manual officially. 
There was no intention at all to let it look that anybody else wrote it. 
And this manual is no "secret", "unfinished", "unauthorized" or whatever 
document. (Gimp manuals will never be final as they will be always under 
development as the software itself.) 

It really sounds funny that you are releasing software and manuals to the 
public with GNU licenses to freely distribute them privately and commercially 
but at the end you don't want people to use the license but to ask you before.

Amazon listed "Author" incorrectly instead of the correct word "Editor" and we 
will try to force them to correct it.

But as this is now the result of getting in contact with the gimp developers 
and the doc team let me just say this:
- If you are giving something away with a GNU licence to redistribute = don't 
complain that publisher do it and don't complain that we don't ask for it as it 
is already permitted within the licence.
- If this is the german menthality and the way the gimp community here works = 
  You should better reconsider to not release software and document with GNU 
licences but sell it instead.

Why you are releasing manuals with GNU license? (I think you know what this 
license says.) 

I intended to clarify the misunderstanding in my previous post in the doc team 
list (see my post below so that everybody knows what the facts are).
But if this is the result if someone is contacting gimp guys (late but with the 
intention to collaborate, to clarify misunderstandings and to do it better in 
the future) I simply say goodbye for now to Gimp and their developers as you 
don't take your commitment to "free" GNU licenses seriously.

And finally, my previous message to the doc team list, posted some hours ago:

Hi Roman,
I still think there is a kind of misunderstanding.

1. Susan A. Jones is the penname used for the editor of this book used to set 
it up at Amazon.
The term editor can create confusion for people less familiar with English, 
because it is used in various senses in the publishing industry. For this book 
the editor has technically prepared the manuscripts for this publication to be 
printed as a physical book.
In the publishing industry it is a very common way to name a book editor and 
does not violate any author rights.

2. Susan A. Jones is in NO way mentioned within the manual book. Not on the 
book cover and not inside the book (but Amazon used the word "Author" in their 
listing instead of using the wording "Editor" and I made the same mistake in my 
first message here on the message board when I asked for adding the book.)
If you take a look at Amazon you will find thousands of book pages where the 
editor name is mentioned instead of the author names.

3. There is no Author mentioned on the cover. All authors are correctly 
mentioned within the manual book.
Inside the book there is the page called "Preface, Users Manual Authors and 
Quoting this page:

"User Manual Authors and Contributors:
Content Writers William Skaggs, C´edric Gémy, Julien Hardelin, Raymond 
Ostertag, Mel Boyce, Daniel Egger, Róman Joost,
Oliver Ellis
Graphics, Stylesheets Jakub Steiner, Róman Joost, Daniel Egger
Build System, Technical Contributions Sven Neumann, Michael Natterer, Henrik 
Brix Andersen, Daniel Egger, Thomas Schraitle,
Chris Hübsch, Axel Wernicke
Project Maintenance Róman Joost, Daniel Egger"

To make that more evident and obvious we will update the book product 
description with adding all author names within the description as listed in 
the manual. (These are different names as on there are now on the website you 
sent me the link.)
I will also try to force Amazon to correct their wrong wording on their product 
page (Editor instead of Author).

I already signed up with the DocList and I hope we can discuss their the 
possibility of publishing an updated manual.

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