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Monica Kraenzle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> a écrit :

> It really sounds funny that you are releasing software and manuals to
> the public with GNU licenses to freely distribute them privately and
> commercially but at the end you don't want people to use the license
> but to ask you before.

It doesn't look like you understand the difference between "legally
possible" and "good idea". It's too bad you printed a book of bad
quality just because you didn't contact the documentation team first.
It could have been great to prepare a top-quality version of the manual
with the team and release it as a book.

It's exactly the same when people take GIMP source code, brand it
"MyPhotoshop" or whatever, and sell it. Then buyers complain that there
are bugs - of course, by the time they buy it, most bugs are fixed
and new features have appeared, but they will never see that. So,
this is legally allowed, but the seller shouldn't be surprised when the
development team isn't very happy about the situation.

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