Am Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2008 16:20:20 schrieb Karine Delvare:
> Monica Kraenzle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> a écrit :
> > It really sounds funny that you are releasing software and manuals to
> > the public with GNU licenses to freely distribute them privately and
> > commercially but at the end you don't want people to use the license
> > but to ask you before.

The right to use and the right to publish does not free a publisher from the 
responsibility of ensuring a quality end-product. From what I have read here, 
this responsibility has be entirely neglected in this case.

> It doesn't look like you understand the difference between "legally
> possible" and "good idea". It's too bad you printed a book of bad
> quality just because you didn't contact the documentation team first.
> It could have been great to prepare a top-quality version of the manual
> with the team and release it as a book.
> It's exactly the same when people take GIMP source code, brand it
> "MyPhotoshop" or whatever, and sell it. Then buyers complain that there

Not quite exactly the same, as the title of such a piece of software would be 
different. But in the current case, the title is "Gimp User's Manual", i.e. 
it is directly related to the Gimp project and the finger will point at all 
members of the developing team and any contributors if there are bugs.

This is the main point why people here are so upset for not being asked before 
publishing the book in the first place. The people here do want to produce 
quality software and quality documentation as well.

Any editor of a published book that is compiled from articles of different 
authors (this is what also applies to the GUM) should read through those 
articles carefully and clear out any questions that might arise from the 
differences between the article (i.e. the documentation in this case) and the 
topic (i.e. the actual product in the current stable version) before the 
final work is going to be published. This is even more true with the Gimp, 
where the stable product and the documentation are not kept in sync (since 
keeping them in sync would slow down the software development).

just my 2cc


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