> It really sounds funny that you are releasing software and manuals to
> the public with GNU licenses to freely distribute them privately and
> commercially but at the end you don't want people to use the license
> but to ask you before.

> It doesn't look like you understand the difference between "legally
> possible" and "good idea". It's too bad you printed a book of bad
> quality just because you didn't contact the documentation team first.
> It could have been great to prepare a top-quality version of the manual
> with the team and release it as a book.

> It's exactly the same when people take GIMP source code, brand it
> "MyPhotoshop" or whatever, and sell it. Then buyers complain that there
> are bugs - of course, by the time they buy it, most bugs are fixed
> and new features have appeared, but they will never see that. So,
> this is legally allowed, but the seller shouldn't be surprised when the
> development team isn't very happy about the situation.
> Karine


I understand that very well. And I agree that we might have better contacted 
them before and that it wasn't the best idea to take the license serious as it 
is a officially released manual edition.

But I also offered to talk about releasing an updated second edition and to 

You should consider that there will be "never" a great completed up-to-date 
gimp manual as at the time one would be nearly completed the next gimp version 
will be already released ... and once again ...

This manual might not include all the latest feature especially of the new 
release but overall it is very well done, very well explained, good looking and 
with 700+ pages very helpful for beginners. And there is the information 
included that all manual updates for newer versions could be found by joining 
the latest online help on the gimp website.
If the team would love to have an up-to-date fully completed manual this will 
never happen in real-time.

But now to go to the book page and give a bad rating to say this is bad quality 
and the gimp developers say this is not an official manual is not the finest 
Do you consider this as fair? 
Not only to us but also to all the authors who worked on that version?

We had to bad intention at all.

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