>I looked through all your links, and while Akima splines seem 
>interesting, I think we would need some visual demonstration of their 
>performance in the way they'd be used in GIMP (most likely, contour 
>tracing to 'cut out' objects), before we could agree that they were an 
>appropriate thing to add. We would also need to be absolutely sure 
>that they are unencumbered by patents. 
>Personally, I think if we were to support a 'on-points-only' type of 
>spline, Cornu (aka clothoid) splines would be a better choice, 
>especially as they are already implemented in Inkscape and FontForge, 
>and a free software affiliated person (Raph Levien) owns the patent 
>(pending?) on it and has implemented a GPL library (libspiro) to 
>assist in their usage. They also seem to be more predictable than 
>Akima splines. However they do require you to mark corners explicitly. 

shows the different splines in action.  akima is not specifically 
identified, but related cubic interpolation splines are done using java 
Cool. Whatever works best. I just want to be able to lay points down and 
have the curve follow thru the points.  I looked at 
http://sourceforge.net/projects/libspiro/  which is a clothoid and I was 
impressed with the image, much more so than with akima, which is really 
troubled around corners (maybe all cubic splines are like that, I don't 
know).  And the clothoid can be converted to bezier. 

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sorry, my primary email is html (yahoo) email. yahoo mail has no 
options to send as text (no yahoo there).

Jim Michaels

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