>Do you know of any study on how suitable Akima splines are for graphic
>design? It would be nice to have a comparison of different spline types
>for this kind of application. I believe the criteria you mentioned above
>(locality, interpolates all control points) are not necessarily enough
>to judge on that.
>        Simon
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I know of no studies like this.  it is used as a shape-preserving curve for 3d 
modeling (NURBS), roller coaster design (mostly), railways, building and road 
design, etc.
this is what I learned from a google search on "akima spline graphic design".

honestly, I don't think it's been done in a paint app before.  Everybody has 
been sticking to bezier and straight lines so far.
The code for akima is about 140 lines long excluding the sort routine (I am not 
sure, but I think it needs a sort routine to sort the points along the X axis).

I would be satisfied whether I got a clothoid or akima or some other 
interpolating cubic spline or method, as long as the curve follows along the 


Jim Michaels

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