On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 10:22:11PM -0300, Monica Kraenzle wrote:
> The users manual version we used is for gimp 2.4, dated December 2007.
> I have uploaded a reduced pdf to show the cover and the interior pages:
> http://www.maxishare.net/en/file/8416/gimp-manual-2-4-reduced-pdf.html
> Basicly it's nothing else than a printed version of the electronic
> version (and it's NOT mass-distributed).
  Basically, it is a _black_and_white_ printed version, which make most
screenshots completly useless, at least that pdf is a B&W version.

> The only customizations we made is creating a cover and formatting
> this electronic manual to a printed manual. All authors and
> contributors are credited. License terms and information about what
> version as well as a link to the gimp.org site for software and manual
> updates etc. are included.
  Does that really allow you to put a copyright for the 2008 year on
page 4?

> As soon as there would be available an updated 2.6 manual we could
> update the edition as well.
  Repeat after me: "as soon as there would be available an updated 2.6
manual we WON'T publish a printed edition, but we will ASK the
documentation team what to do, since we don't want to repeat the same
errors again and again".
> Many others are distributing CD's with gimp software versions from the
> website and are allowed to do so (surely these are also not always the
> latest software versions without any bugs) and we printed the
> electronic manual on paper ...

  Yes, they are allowed to do so, some are even contacting us
beforehand, and all of them have to distribute the real official package
(which is the tar.gz source package, and not an svn or unstable release),
and none of them asked us to advertise their CD on our website.

   Again, I'm speaking in my name, and _not_ in the name of the gimp
team (or I would have chosen another email address)



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